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00561 - Mixture Adaptation

00561 - Mixture Adaptation: Adaptation Limit (Add) Exceeded

Possible Symptoms

  • Engine Jolting
  • Increased Fuel Consumption
  • Poor Idling/Jolting
  • Reduced Boost Pressure

Possible Causes

  • Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) faulty
  • Fuel Pressure too Low
  • Leaks in Intake Air System and/or Exhaust System
  • Injector(s) faulty (i.e. coked)

Possible Solutions

  • Refuel Vehicle
  • Check Fuel System Pressure
  • Check Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
  • Check Intake Air System and Exhaust System for Leaks
  • Check Injection Quantity
  • Check Injector(s)

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