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00741 - Brake Pedal Monitoring

Possible Symptoms

  • No accelerator pedal response
  • Poor engine performance
  • Glow Plug light flashing

Possible Causes

  • Issue with Brake Light Switch F47
  • Issue with Brake Lights

Possible Solutions

  • Verify correct brake light bulbs are installed.
  • Inspect brake light bulb sockets for damage.
  • Test Brake Light Switch F47

Special Notes

  • On 1.9L TDI ALH engine, go into Engine then Measuring Blocks group 006, Field #2 (01-08-006#2)
    • Foot off brake field #2 should read 000
    • Slowly press on brake, should then read 011 with both "1" activating at the same time
    • If both "1" do not activate at same time, Brake Light Switch may be defective.