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00799 - Coolant Temperature Sensor (G110)

00799 - Coolant Temperature Sensor (G110): Open or Short to Plus

Possible Causes

  • Short or Open Circuit Between (G110) Sensor and HVAC Module
  • (G110) Sensor Faulty
  • False Fault, see Special Notes

Possible Solutions

  • Check Wiring
  • Check (G110) Sensor

Special Notes

  • When 00799 - Coolant Temperature Sensor (G110) is stored in the HVAC module in 1996 m.y. NAR (North American Region) Audi A4/S4/RS4 (8D) vehicles, this fault can disregarded. It is caused by running Basic Settings on the flap motors. The NAR 2.8L does not have the (G110) sensor installed . This was resolved in m.y. 1997 vehicles.

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