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18502/P2070/008304 - Intake Manifold Tuning Valve (Bank 1): Stuck Open

Possible Symptoms

  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON
  • Reduction of power at higher RPMs

Possible Causes

  • Vacuum leak
  • Faulty Intake Manifold Tuning (IMT) Valve Position Sensor (G513)
  • Intake Manifold Runner binding or sticking

Possible Solutions

  • Replace failed vacuum line
  • Check Intake Manifold Tuning (IMT) Valve Position Sensor (G513) and wiring, see repair manual.

Special Notes

  • When found in 2005-2008 Audi A4 and A6 with BKH 3.2L FSI engines:
    • Some vehicles may have a vacuum solenoid valve (N335 or V63) located under the air filter housing. Failure of this solenoid or the vacuum lines may cause insufficient vacuum and cause P2006,P2007 and P2070 fault codes.
    • TSB 24-08-76, 01-14-76 or TPI 2019485 has some information on testing for vacuum leaks.