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00884 - Ignition Switch (D) Terminal X : Electrical Fault in Circuit

Possible Symptoms

  • Power Locks operating at random while driving.
  • Radio doesn't turn off when key is removed from Ignition.
  • Battery drain.
  • No audible confirmation from alarm horn when arming alarm system.
  • On the Eos, the front windows may drop down a little if rolled up all the way.

Possible Causes

  • Defective Ignition Switch (Electrical Portion)
  • Wiring harness issue

Possible Solutions

  • Replace the Ignition Switch (Electrical Portion).
  • Repair damaged wiring harness.

Special Notes

  • Often times this is found with the one or more of the following codes:
    • 00576 - Terminal 15: Electrical Fault in Circuit
    • 00883 - Ignition Switch (D) Terminal S : Electrical Fault in Circuit
    • 01744 - Ignition Switch Terminal P (D) : Electrical Fault in Circuit

The most common cause for this is the Ignition Switch (Electrical Portion).