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01366 - Opened Due to Crash Signal

Possible Causes

  • Output Test performed on Airbag Control Module (J234) or Control Module for Central Locking (J429)
  • Vehicle involved in Accident
    • Airbag Control Module (J234) stored Crash Data
  • Incorrect or faulty Emergency Flasher Switch (E3)
  • Wiring/Connectors from/to Airbag Control Module (J234) faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check/clear Fault Codes
  • Check fitment and wiring/connectors from/to Emergency Flasher Switch (E3)
    • See Special Notes
  • Check wiring/connectors from/to Airbag Control Module (J234)

Special Notes

  • Some vehicles use a crash signal wire from the airbag module to trigger post-crash activity such as shutting down the engine, turning on the interior lights, unlocking the doors, and turning on the emergency flasher (hazard) lights. A failed or incorrect Emergency Flasher Switch (E3) has occasionally been found to raise the crash signal on its own, triggering unexpected post-crash behavior from other modules that monitor the crash signal wire, such as the ECU or CCM/BCM. To verify, temporarily disconnect Emergency Flasher Switch (E3), clear codes and re-test for expected behavior.
    • Examples seen in the field: 01 02