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16891/P0507/001287 - Idle Control System RPM: Higher than Expected.

Possible Symptoms

  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) active

Possible Causes

  • Throttle Valve Control Module (J338) dirty/faulty
  • Wiring/Connector(s) from/to Throttle Valve Control Module (J338)
  • Vacuum Leak

Possible Solutions

  • Check Throttle Valve Control Module (J338)
  • Check Wiring/Connector(s) from/to Throttle Valve Control Module (J338)
  • Check Intake System for Leaks

Special Notes

  • When found in the NAR 2.0T (BPY) check RVUTB: 01-09-03 or 2018919 for updated Crankcase Breather Valve
    • If the breather valve is faulty, full engine vacuum is typically found when removing the oil cap at idle.
  • When found in NAR (North American Region) 2011-2013 Jetta, Golf, Passat and New Beetle vehicles with 2.5L engine codes CBTA and CBUA see TSB 01-14-23 -or- TPI 2034012. When applicable, DTCs P050A, P0507 and P0106 are resolved after flash updating the Engine controller.

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