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17114/P0730/001840 - Gear Ratio Monitoring: Incorrect Gear Ratio

Possible Symptoms

  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON

Possible Causes

  • Transmission Fluid contaminated
  • Transmission faulty (Mechanical Problem)

Possible Solutions

  • Check Transmission Fluid (Color and Contamination)
    • Replace Transmission Fluid when necessary
  • Check Transmission Mechanics

Special Notes

  • Transmission Damage may be caused by Engine Problems, make sure there are no other/relevant Fault Codes stored in Engine Control Module.
  • When found in 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (01J/Multitronic):
    • Instructions on how to check the Transmission Fluid as well as Details on a special Test Kit can be found in TPI 2016661. TPI 2006088 may also be relevant.
    • A conversion from 6 to 7 Clutch Plates may be possible. See TPI 2004856 for Details.
  • When found in A4/A6/A8/S6/RS6/S8 models with the 09L, 09E or 0B6 transmission that have DTCs: P0730, P2700, P2701, P2702, and P2703:
    • RoW (Rest of World) Market customers can see TPI 2020766 which pertains to slippage due to the ATF filter.
    • NAR (North American Region) Market customers can see TPI 2021292