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17118/P0734/001844 - Gear 4: Incorrect Ratio

Possible Symptoms

  • Clutch Slipping
  • Reduced Power Output

Possible Causes

  • Gear related Clutch slipping/faulty
  • Gear related Solenoid Valve dirty/faulty
  • Overloaded Clutch due to continuous high Torque or Tuning
  • Wiring and/or Connections faulty
  • Sensor Gear Position Indicator faulty
  • Mechanical Failure

Possible Solutions

  • Check Engine Values for Plausibility, especially Torque related ones.
  • Check Wiring and Connections
  • Check Sensor Gear Position Indicator
  • Check Gear Solenoides

Special Notes

  • The gear monitoring of the transmission control module checks the gear ratio by comparing transmission input and output speed in regard of the currently selected gear. This fault code is being set when recognizing an implausible transmission ratio.