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17501/P1093/004243 - Bank 1; Fuel Measuring System 2: Malfunction

Possible Symptoms

  • Power Loss
  • Misfire(s)
  • Stalling

Possible Causes

  • Fuel Pressure insufficient/exceed/fluctuating
  • Fuel Pump (High Pressure System) faulty
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276) faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check Fuel Pressure (on FSI engines High and Low Fuel Pressure System)
  • Check Fuel Pump (High Pressure System)
  • Check Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276)
  • Check Fuel Filter and Filter in Fuel Pump Casing

Special Notes

  • When found in 2.0l TFSI:
    • VW North American Region (NAR) check TSB 2015153 (01-09-03 > 15-10-01 > 15-10-02), Intake Camshaft and Cam Follow wear:
    • Audi North American Region (NAR) check TSB 2013147, Intake Camshaft and Cam Follow wear:
    • Check Fuel Pressure
    • Check TSB/TPI 2008753 (Rest of World), incompatibility between Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276) and ECU software.
    • When found in conjunction with Misfires and Lean fault codes, check RVUTB: 01-09-03 or 2018919 (NAR only) 2.0T (BPY), for updated Crankcase Breather Valve
      • If the breather valve is faulty, full engine vacuum is typically found when removing the oil cap at idle.