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17583/P1175/004469 - Pre-Injection Turned Off

Possible Symptoms

  • Rough Engine running

Possible Causes

  • Tank filled with Gasoline/Petrol or Bio Diesel
  • Water in Fuel
  • Fuel Pressure too Low
  • Fuel Return Pipe faulty
  • Internal Mechanical Injection Pump Malfunction

Possible Solutions

  • Check Fuel Tank Content
  • Drain Fuel Filter
  • Check Fuel Return Pipe for Blockage or Bends/Kinks
  • Check/Replace Fuel Return Pipe Flow Restrictor
  • Check Injection Pump
    • See Measuring Value Block (MVB) 018 (on 2.5l V6 TDI)

Special Notes

  • Pre-Injection turned off due to implausible Values