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18017/P1609/005641 - Crash Shut-Down Activated

Possible Symptoms

  • Fault Code cannot be cleared

Possible Causes

  • Crash Signal activated (i.e. Accident with Airbag Deployment)

Possible Solutions

  • Set Readiness, the Fault Code should be cleared automatically during this Process.

Special Notes

  • In case of an Accident the Airbag Control Module sends a Crash Signal which orders the Engine Control Module to stop the Engine. In Addition this Fault Code will be stored. The Engine may be restarted after cycling the Ignition, the Fault Code should not have any further Influence.
  • When this DTC is found in a EPS_TRW_ALow 44-Steering Assist module registered users can:
    • Follow the instructions located in this thread] and post any questions related to the vehicle there.
    • Email the complete Auto-Scan with the repair history.