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18048/P1640/005696 - Internal Control Module: EEPROM Error

Possible Causes

  • Engine Control Module modified (e.g. Chip Tuning)
  • Engine Control Module faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Contact your Tuner ;)
  • Replace Engine Control Module

Special Notes

  • When found in CAN protocol 01-Engine controllers such as the (BHK) 3.6L Vr6 (4L) chassis Q7 with all zero coding try entering valid coding followed by a key cycle and Throttle Body Alignment. This control module allowed 005696 to be cleared after doing so:
Address 01: Engine (BHK)       Labels: 03H-906-032-BLV.clb
   Part No SW: 03H 906 032 DA    HW: 03H 906 032 G
   Component: Q7 3.6-FSI-LEV2     3234