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  • 10016 = Particle Filter Emergency Regeneration


Basic Setting

Special Functions

Injector Quantity Adjustment (IMA) and Injector Voltage Adjustment (ISA)

These values represent the behavior of an injection valve (Piezo Injector). Caused by manufacturing tolerances the injectors have a unique behavior and get divided into separate classes. In combination with the automatically determined learning values of the engine control module the pre- and post-injections are being calculated individually for each valve. The behavior of an injection valve is also mileage dependent, so a valve with e.g. 10000 km has a different behavior then one with 70000 km. The control module determines these automatically while driving so the learning values change against the mileage. When altering one of the following values the learning values are being reset because the ECU thinks you are adjusting a new valve.

The IMA-ISA values need to be adapted when:

  • One or more injection valves have been replaced. Make sure not to adjust the valves which have not been changed!
  • The engine control module has been replaced.
  • Do NOT adapt these values when you did not replace one of the above parts, also not for training or demonstration purposes.

The adjustment code can be found on the injector itself, it is a 7-digit value and does only use the following chars: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. A value of AAAAAAA is also not valid.

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  • Ignition ON
  • Engine OFF

[01 - Engine]

[Adaptation - 10]
Channel 071: IMA-ISA Value for Cylinder 1 -or- IDE00263 Injector 1 correction value
Channel 072: IMA-ISA Value for Cylinder 2 -or- IDE00264 Injector 2 correction value
Channel 073: IMA-ISA Value for Cylinder 3 -or- IDE00265 Injector 3 correction value
Channel 074: IMA-ISA Value for Cylinder 4 -or- IDE00266 Injector 4 correction value
Channel 075: IMA-ISA Value for Cylinder 5 -or- IDE00267 Injector 5 correction value
Channel 076: IMA-ISA Value for Cylinder 6 -or- IDE00268 Injector 6 correction value
Enter the actual values from each fuel injector as needed.
[Done, Go Back]

  • Switch Ignition OFF, wait 10 seconds and switch Ignition ON again. The values should be saved now, please verify them by double checking the adaptation values.
  • The Test value shows "AAAAAAA" if you have entered an implausible value. If the IMA-ISA value on the new injector is difficult to read, consider scanning the QR code with a smart phone app.
    • We have had success with BB, Android and iOS platform mobile devices running i-nigma's free app.

Particle Filter Emergency Regeneration


  • Ignition ON
  • Engine ON (Idle)
  • Oil Temperature above 70 °C (see MVB 007.2)
  • Particle Filter Load below 68g (see MVB 104.3)
    • If the Particle Filter Load is above 68g the Particle Filter needs to be replaced since the car may burn down when regenerating.
  • Engine Hood CLOSED
  • Parking Brake ENGAGED
  • Transmission in (P)ARK
  • Temperatures at the Exhaust System may rise up to 300 °C!!!
  • No Fault Codes Stored
  • Power Consumers ON (Light, Seat Heating, Front/Rear Window Heater, Climate Control)

The Regeneration may take up to 40 minutes, the engine speed automatically increases to about 1500 RPM.

[01 - Engine]

[Coding-II - 11]

  • Start Regeneration by Entering 10016.

[Do It!]

[Meas. Blocks - 08]
Select all 3 Groups at once 100, 101 and 102
MVB 100.1: Engine Speed
MVB 100.3: Regeneration Counter/Timer
MVB 100.4: Regeneration Abort recognized (0 = No Abort/1 = Abort recognized)
MVB 101.4: Regeneration Status (001 = Heating Up, 010 = Regeneration, 100 = Cooling Down)
MVB 102.1: Temperature before Catalyst
MVB 102.2: Temperature before Particle Filter
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]