5-Speed Automatic Transmission (09A)

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The 09A and 09B transmissions are built on the same version of the 5-speed automatic transmission manufactured by Jatco (JF506E).

General Information about this transmission is not yet available in a specific Wikipedia entry at this time but this List of Jatco transmissions may be helpful. Additional information can be found in the Official Factory Repair Information and sources such as Bentley Publisher's SSP (Self-Study Program) .


This module does not support coding!

Basic Setting

Kick-Down Adjustment

The 09A Auto Transmission does NOT support a Basic Settings operation for the Kick-Down Adjustment.

  • The 09A transmission is commonly found in vehicles using the Drive-by-Wire (DBW) throttle systems. In most cases the ECM (Engine Control Module) should support a Kick-Down Basic Settings as described here: Automatic Transmission Basic Settings.


After replacing or performing internal repairs to a transmission it may be necessary to reset Adaptation values if the TCM adapted to the previous mechanical malfunction. A TCM that has adapted to a malfunctioning condition may shift hard or soft, flare on shifts or shift erratically.


  • Ignition on, engine off.

[02 - Auto Trans]
[Adaptation - 10]
Channel 00
Note, the fields will Change to, "Note: Ch. 00 Resets All factory Defaults. The New value will be 0 by default.
When the prompt asks if you are sure you want to save a value of 0 to Channel 00, click [Yes]
[Done, Go Back]