6-Speed Automatic Transmission (09G/09M/09K)

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The 09G, 09K and 09M transmissions are built on the same version of the 6-speed automatic transmission manufactured by Japanese automatic transmission manufacturer AISIN Co., LTD.

General Information about this Transmission is not yet available in the Wikipedia entry at this time. Additional information can be found in the Official Factory Repair Information and sources such as Bentley Publisher's SSP (Self-Study Program) .


Due to all of the Coding variants for the 09G transmission it is recommended to use the coding from the original module when replacing the TCM. VCDS will display a coding chart a pop-up balloon while connected to the vehicle.

Basic Setting

Kick-Down Adjustment


  • No fault codes in the Auto Trans.
  • Throttle Body Alignment (TBA) performed successfully when applicable
  • Ignition on, engine off.
  • Do not touch the accelerator pedal.

[02 - Auto Trans]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Set Group to "001"
Do not touch the accelerator pedal.
System in Grundeinstellung will be displayed
[Done, Go Back]

Special Notes

  • It is normal for there to be no explicit instructions or changes on the screen when you do the above procedure other than "System in Grundeinstellung".
  • If faults are stored in the Engine or Transmission for throttle related problems, the procedure will not be successful.
  • The 09G transmission is commonly found in vehicles using the Drive-by-Wire (DBW) throttle systems. In most cases the ECM (Engine Control Module) should support a Kick-Down Basic Settings as described here: Automatic Transmission Basic Settings.