7-Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG/0AM)

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General Information about this Transmission can be found in the Wikipedia entry. Additional information can be found in the Official Factory Repair Information.

Our Current 0AM-300-04x.lbl label file needs a facelift and the 0AM is not used in the NAR market at this time, so we don't have access to a TCM in a real car. Control Module Maps from these units would be appreciated and that function is explained in detail on the following page: Control Module Maps Please submit a complete Auto Scan with the control module maps when possible.

This should be obvious but the procedures on this page do NOT apply to transmissions other than 0AM. For example, longitudinal 7 speed DSG's like the 0B5 used in the B8 S4 use a different procedure.


  • When replacing this Mechatronic unit, simply copy the coding from the original Auto-Scan and paste it into the New Coding section of the replacement followed by clicking [Do it!].

Basic Setting


  • No Fault Codes (other than No/Incorrect Basic Settings stored in the TCM)
  • Temperature 30°C - 60°C. The Measuring Block value for G510 is found in group 011.1
  • Selector Lever in P
  • Ignition ON, Engine OFF
  • Parking brake applied
  • Brake Pedal operated (hold for the whole procedure)
  • Throttle Pedal not operated
  • See the Special Notes if the Mechatronic unit needs to be replaced.

NOTE: Be sure to perform the following steps in the sequence shown, followed by the defined test drive.

[02 - Transmission]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 060
[ON/OFF/Next] may be necessary

  • The live data should display 4 | 0 | 0 in Basic Settings. This may take up to 2 -to- 5 minutes.
  • After the 4 | 0 | 0 results are displayed, start the engine immediately and allow it to idle. If 4 | 0 | 0 is not shown do NOT start the engine, something is wrong with the procedure or the transmission.
    • It is normal for the transmission to make noise while the tolerances are adapting. Do not exit or abort the Basic Settings sequence prematurely if you hear clacking noises. This is similar to the 02E 6-Speed DSG.
  • The live data should display 254 | 0 | 0 to confirm a successful Basic Settings after 3 -to- 6 minutes.
    • 254 | 7 | 0 alone would Not be complete yet and 255 | 0 | 0 would indicate the basic settings was interrupted or failed.

[Done, Go Back]
Switch off Ignition, wait for a few seconds and switch it back on.
[Fault Codes - 02]
Check and clear any fault codes.
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]
Perform the Defined Test Drive below.

Special Procedures


  • Transmission fluid greater than 30* C. The Measuring Block value for G510 is found in group 011.1
  • Do Not use Cruise Control.

Defined Test Drive

Suggested test drive after replacing the Mechatronics module/TCM or successful basic setting.

  • With the shifter in Drive accelerate at half throttle to 2nd gear.
  • Stop and repeat half throttle acceleration into 2nd gear.
  • Stop followed by shifting into reverse and backing up two times.
  • Stop followed by driving in each forward gear using the Tiptronic shifters for no less than 3 seconds per gear.

The next portion of the drive must be done in any group choice of the following gears to maintain the proper RPM and maintain a safe driving distance on the road:

  • A = Gears 4th or 6th (4th is preferred)
  • B = Gears 3rd, 5th or 7th (5th is preferred)
  • Using the Tiptronic shifters maintain the range of 2,000 -to- 4,500 RPM and drive in each gear group (A and B) for no less than one full minute (two minutes are preferred). Use variable accelerator pedal positions but accelerate to full throttle at one point in each gear group during this one minute process.
  • MVBs 180.1 -and- 200.1 should confirm clutch adaptations with values of 3 or greater. If any portion of the adaptation is not completed it should finish on its own with normal driving.

NOTE: If the test drive cannot be performed in the recommended way or the necessary time, any remaining adaptations will be performed automatically during normal driving.

Special Notes

  • Use the Official Factory Repair Information if the Mechatronic unit needs to be replaced.
    • The Removal Position Basic Setting group number is 062. This allows the Mechatronic unit to be removed properly per the repair manual.
    • The Neutral Position Basic Setting group number is 061.This would allow the vehicle to move if a clutch was stuck.
  • Some modules do not require the use if the [ON/OFF/Next] button. If an Error is displayed after clicking the button, or the Basic Settings status does not switch to On, let the selected group and procedure finish on its own.
  • It is normal for the transmission to make noise while the tolerances are adapting. Do not exit or abort the Basic Settings sequence prematurely if you hear clacking noises.
  • A large majority of our support requests are related to incorrectly installed mechatronic units. SEAT must see this issue regularly because the parts catalog (PartsLink24) notes TPI 2025486 beside the replacement part numbers!
  • If Registered Users experience difficulty with the Basic Settings procedure, please send the complete Auto-Scan in addition to the vehicle repair history to us directly via email.