Audi A3 (8P) Body Control Module

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Make sure to have all Doors unlocked, otherwise this Control Module may not communicate with VCDS!

The Comfort System known from earlier Models has been integrated with the Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM) and is no longer available as a separate Address/Module. All related Diagnostics/Settings have to be performed via Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM).

We have a small list of tweaks here: Audi A3/S3 & A3 Cabriolet (8P/FM) Tweaks


  • Coding information is found using the Long Coding Helper while connected to the vehicle with VCDS.
  • When replacing a module it is critical to save the original coding and transfer it to the new module.


The complete list of Adaptation Channels are documented while connected to the vehicle with VCDS. The most common channels are noted below for common repair reference:

Channel 000: Remote Control Clearing

  • This Adaptation Channel is used to clear all matched Remote Controls.

Note: If the vehicle uses a KESSY (Address; 05-Acc/Start Auth. control module) please see the Channel 001 note!

Channel 001: Remote Control Matching

  • Start Matching new/additional Remote Controls with entering the number of new remotes (2 in most cases), then Test and Save the New Value.
  • Press and hold the Unlock button for at least one second on each Remote Control you want to add, the Blinkers should light up to confirm the Adaptation Process of each Remote Control.

Note: Adaptation Channel 001 may not be applicable to a BCM installed in a KESSY (Address; 05-Acc/Start Auth. control module) equipped vehicle. If Channel 001 is not available, the vehicle key, (with integrated or non-removable remote) should be automatically matched when performing Immobilizer 4+ matching. We do not have a procedure for this configuration and recommend Dealer matching if Immobilizer and Pass-Thru options are not available.

Channel 019: Factory Mode

Factory Mode is usually active when a newly delivered Control Module is being installed. To enable all Functions of the new Control Module Factory Mode has to be disabled. Once it has been disabled it cannot be enabled again.

  • When Factory Mode is enabled the doors will not lock and unlock properly and remotes may not program.


  • Make sure all vehicle remotes are present.
  • Run and save a complete Auto-Scan and save it prior to module removal. See the Online Manual Auto-Scan.
  • Code the module with the Long Coding from the original module found in the Auto-Scan.
  • Disable Factory Mode
  • Remote Control Matching
  • Clear all fault codes and verify all comfort functions and lighting is working as per design.

Special Notes

If the remotes will not operate but are confirming while matching during the Adaptation process check the following possible causes:

  • Verify the module is not new and still in Factory Mode.
  • Check the ignition S-contact switching and driver door latch measuring block switching because remotes will not lock the doors if either are faulty/implausible.
  • Run a complete Auto-Scan to make sure other modules do not have codes which may indicate the coding is incorrect or incorrect modules are installed in the vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, addresses 09-Centeral Electronics/BCM and 16-Steering Wheel.

'If the remotes will not match and the module is not confirming during the Adaptation process check the following possible causes:

  • Incorrect Coding
  • Factory Mode enabled in new module
  • Incorrect remote(s)
  • Incorrect Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM)

Registered customers can contact us directly via email for assistance. Every inquiry on this topic must include a full Auto-Scan as well as which parts have been replaced and why.