Audi A5 (8T) Steering Wheel Electronics

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When this control module is replaced with new it is advised to use the original coding value from the old unit. If this is not possible the Long Coding Helper can be used to configure the coding from scratch.

The following coding options should give you an overview about the available settings, due to different control modules and equipment in the car the actual choices may differ for the specific model you are working on and the Long Coding Assistant present the right choices for you.

  • Rear Wiper (Avant/Wagon) installed
  • Board Computer (Driver Information System/DIS) installed
  • Cruise Control System (CCS) installed
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) installed
  • Multi-Function Steering Wheel (MFL) installed
  • Tiptronic installed (ONLY with Multi-Function Steering Wheel)
  • Lane Assistant (Vibration Motor) installed

Security Access

  • 40168 = Basic Setting Enabling

Basic Setting

Steering Angle Sensor (G85) Calibration

[16 - Steering Wheel]

Turn steering wheel at least 30 ° left or right and back straight ahead (Tolerance: ±5.0 °).

[Security Access - 16]
Enter 40168
[Do It!]

[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 001
Activate the Basic Setting.
After a successful basic setting, field 3 should say "OK".
[Done, Go Back]

[Meas. Blocks - 08]
Group 033 Field 3 (Steering Angle Sensor -G85-)
Specification: 0.0 °
Tolerance (when straight): ±1.5 °
[Done, Go Back]

After the Steering Angle Sensor (G85) Calibration is completed, the 44-Steering Assist (J500) module may have DTC C10AC - Steering End Stops Not Learned stored. The steering limit end stops need to be adapted as follows:

  • Start the engine and turn the steering to full right lock and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. The vehicle should produce an audible beep
  • Turn the steering to the complete left lock and the same audible beep should sound.
  • Straighten the wheels and wait 5 to 10 seconds while observing the steering and traction control warnings. They should extinguish although it is advised to scan the vehicle again for DTCs prior to the test drive.


  • To confirm the status of the G85 calibration see MVB group 032.
  • If the basic setting group results in an error message verify the live G85 reading is ±1.5 °. Readings such as 359° would indicate the slip ring is mechanically out one full turn.
  • The slip ring is the 16-Steering Wheel Electronics module. If the vehicle deployed Airbag(s) and the slip ring was replaced make sure the module is long coded using VCDS.
  • Some Audi 8K/8T/8R models may have address 1B-Active Steering (J792) installed in addition to 16-Steering Wheel electronics. If mechanical repairs are made to the front end or front end alignment those vehicles may require additional Basic Settings steps to resolve DTC: 01087 - Basic Setting Not Performed.
    • Registered users encountering difficulty can contact us directly with the complete Auto Scan, VIN number and summary of mechanical repairs for additional assistance.