Audi A5 (8T) Heating/Air Conditioning KLIMA 3 ZONEN

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This page applies to Address Auto HVAC (J255) models using KLIMA 3 ZONEN in the Component field:

Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255)       Labels:. 8Tx-820-043-3Z.clb
  Part No SW: 8T2 820 043 T    HW: 8T2 820 043 T
  Component: KLIMA 3 ZONEN H06 0140


  • This module supports Long Coding.
  • Coding information should be found using the Long Coding Helper while connected to the vehicle with VCDS.

Basic Settings

Note: Basic setting needs to be performed after HVAC motors or the AC compressor have been replaced.

Potentiometer & Flap Alignment

Necessary when flap motors are replaced -or- when a self check needs to be performed for self diagnosis of faulty motors.
[08 - Heating/Air Conditioning]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 001
Activate the Basic Setting.
The basic setting takes approximately 40 seconds.
The module should show Performed when finished
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Compressor Run-In

Necessary when the compressor is replaced and DTC 03023 is stored -or- when the J255 Heating/Air Conditioning control module is replaced.

The Potentiometer & Flap Alignment needs to be completed immediately before the Compressor Run-In with the engine at idle.

Prerequisites to start the basic setting A/C compressor first run:

  • Engine at idle
  • Transmission in Park or Neutral
  • Do not cycle the ignition
  • Basic setting was performed for the Potentiometer & Flap Alignment
  • Inside blower motor is switched on
  • Air vents fully open
  • Load management not active

Compressor Run-In Steps:
Start engine and allow it to Idle.
Adapt flap end stops using the Potentiometer & Flap Alignment steps above.
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 003
Activate the Basic Setting.
The basic setting takes approximately 120 seconds.
The module should show Performed when finished

  • It will show completed, but wait 120 sec (2 Min) and observe the flashing A/C button light on the HVAC panel.
  • After the Basic Settings has completed, the A/C light will quit flashing and the fault code will clear.

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Replacement of this control module may result in Component Protection DTCs such as U1101 and U1100. Component Protection can only be learned/disabled using the Factory Tool in Combination with an online Connection.