Brake Electronics (Bosch 5.3 ABS/EDS/ASR)

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  • 000?x: Engine
    • 0 = Gasoline Engine 2.4l-2.8l (without CAN-Databus)
    • 1 = Diesel Engine
    • 2 = Gasoline Engine 1.8T
    • 3 = Gasoline Engine 2.4l-2.8l (with CAN-Databus)
  • 000x?: Transmission
    • 0 = Manual Transmission (012) (without CAN-Databus)
    • 1 = Automatic Transmission (01V) (with CAN-Databus)
    • 2 = Manual Transmission (01E) (with CAN-Databus)
    • 3 = Multitronic (01J) (with CAN-Databus)
    • 3 = Automatic Transmission (01V) (without CAN-Databus)

Special Notes

  • CAN-Databus is the internal communication between the CAN Gateway and other modules on the powertrain bus. Most of the early production vehicles using a throttle cable engine management system do not have CAN-Databus.
    1. VW models such as the (3B) Passat typically use the addresses 17-Instruments and 19-CAN Gateway on models with CAN-Databus.
    2. Audi models such as the (8D) A4 and (4B) A6 do NOT use a 19-CAN Gateway, instead all internal communication is handled by the 17-Instrument cluster when applicable.
    • The presence of internal CAN-Databus can be determined by checking the wiring diagrams however measuring block groups 125 and up in the 17-Instrument cluster will also show this information if the vehicle is equipped. If groups 125 and up are not available the vehicle should not have CAN-Databus.
    • If other modules in the vehicle have Powertrain Data Bus: Missing Message from ABS Controller fault codes the vehicle has CAN-Databus.