Audi TT (8J) Tire Pressure Monitoring

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General Information
The Audi TT (8J) uses a diagnostic capable 65-Tire Pressure module. This is a Direct TPMS system without wheel position recognition. Sensors mounted inside each wheel transmit a 315 MHz (PR-7K8) signal to the TPMS module.


It is recommended to use the coding from the original module when replacing the TPMS module. VCDS will display a coding chart pop-up balloon while connected to the vehicle.

Registered users can email us directly with a complete Auto-Scan for assistance coding this module.

Special Procedures

  • Saving the Specified tire pressures is completed when the reset button (E226) is used. The tires must be set to the specified pressures according to the specifications on the fuel filler flap and/or B-pillar label before storing the Specified pressures.
    • Press the (E226) Tire Pressure Monitoring Button for 5 seconds (or more) with the ignition ON. The system should produce an audible tone and the malfunction warning on the DIS/Instrument cluster should blink to confirm the calibration procedure saved the Specified pressures.
    • The vehicle must be driven to complete the learning process.

  • If TPMS the sensors -or the J502 TPMS control module are replaced, the same reset button procedure applies however the sensor IDs need to be learned as well. The prerequisite to sensor ID learning involves a wake-up procedure so the following VW Tech Tip can be used as a general reference. Like the VW systems, the ignition must be on for up to 20 uninterrupted minutes.