Bentley Continental (3W) Brake Electronics (Bosch 5.7)

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Coding II

Note #1: After the Coding-2 (Login) has been carried out you need to Recode the control module then perform the Steering Angle Sensor Calibration. Do NOT exit the Control Module in between the individual steps.

  • 03121 = Bentley Continental Flying Spur (3W2/BY611)
  • 02121 = Bentley Continental GT/Cabrio (3W3/BY614 - 3W4/BY615)
  • 02321 = Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series (3W3/BY614)


Note #1: Coding is accepted after a specific login has been carried out.
Note #2: After successful coding the steering angle sensor basic setting needs to be carried out.
Note #3: In some cases, you will need to enter a non-zero WorkShop Code, such as 12345.

  • 0006878 = Bentley Continental Flying Spur (3W2/BY611)
  • 0007878 = Bentley Continental GT/Cabrio (3W3/BY614 - 3W4/BY615)
  • 0007678 = Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series (3W3/BY614)

Basic Setting

Steering Angle Sensor (G85) Calibration

Before starting the procedure turn the steering wheel at least 30 ° left and back straight ahead.
Verify the steering wheel is centered by moving the vehicle moving straight ahead (less than 20KMH/15MPH).

[Meas. Blocks - 08]
[Meas. Blocks - 08]
Group 005 Field 1 (Steering Angle Sensor -G85-)
Specification: 0.0 °
Tolerance (when straight): ±5.0 °
[Done, Go Back]

[Coding II - 11]
Enter 40168
[Do It!]

[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 001
[Done, Go Back]

[Fault Codes - 02]
All fault codes should have disappeared.
[Done, Go Back]

[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

Video Link

Bosch 5.3 and 5.7 ABS with ESP, Coding