Navigation System (RNS310) Retrofitting

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The Gateway (aka. Diagnostic Interface for Databus OR CAN-Gateway) is responsible for passing Messages from one Control Module to another, older versions of the Gateways were not compatible and wouldn't allow a Diagnostic Tool like VCDS to communicate with the new Radio Navigation System.

Address 19: CAN Gateway        Labels: 1K0-907-530.lbl
Part No SW: 1K0 907 530 Q    HW: 1K0 907 951 
Component: J533__Gateway   H16 0202  

In this Example the Software Part Number is 1K0-907-530-Q, only Gateways with this Part Number (or newer) are known to be compatible with the RNS310. For the VW Passat (3C) only Gateways with the Part Number 3C0-907-530-E (or newer) are known to be compatible.

Installation & Wiring

Additional Information can be found in the Repair Manuals, the Wiring Diagrams, the Parts Catalog and/or the Instructions included in the Retrofitting Kit.


The following Activations are necessary to ensure that the newly fitted parts are properly recognized and are ready to use.

  • Update the Installation List in the Gateway (J533 / #19).
    • Register the newly added 37 - Navigation Control Module, in case you had a Navigation System installed before the Retrofit this step may not be necessary. Address 56 - Radio should also be activated in case there was no Radio installed prior to the Retrofit. Even though Address 56 - Radio is registered, the RNS310 will NOT communicate via that Address - you have to use 37 - Navigation instead.
  • Update the Navigation System (J506 / #37) Coding.
    • Due to different Control Modules and Equipment in the Car the actual Coding Table is not shown here but will automatically be used by the Long Coding Assistant once you access the Function using VCDS.
    • Make sure to enter a Plausible WorkShopCode (WSC) like 12345-123-12345 on the Coding Screen, new or reflashed RNS510 units may have a WSC 00000-000-00000 stored which results in a 01042 - Control Module Not Coded Fault Code.

If you are having trouble finding/calculating the proper Coding using the Long Coding Assist please Contact us directly. Make sure to include a complete Diagnostic Protocol (Auto-Scan) from the Car and state which steps/work you have performed yet.

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