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P1065 - Fuel Pressure Regulation: Regulation Discrepancy

Possible Symptoms

  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) active
  • Engine performance issues

Possible Causes

  • Fuel Pressure too High or Low
  • Mechanical Deficiency of Hardware (worn or missing parts)
  • Missing Basic Settings or Adaptation after installing replacement parts.

Possible Solutions

  • When found in a CR TDI see common issues related to 16471/P0087/000135
  • The following Basic Settings resolved this DTC in a 2011 CAHA 2.0 TDI after replacement of N290 and all damaged fuel system parts:
    • [*IDE02703*] Reset learned values quant. meter. unit and press. contr. valve
    • The EDC required the Security Access code shown in the pop-up balloon before the Basic Setting group was available.
    • That Basic Settings was performed Key On, Engine Off.