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P11B2/004530 - Cam Adjustment Actuator A; Cylinder 5: Implausible Signal

Possible Symptoms

  • Possible loss of power, due to AVS (Audi Valve Lift System) default position affecting lower (1000~3100 RPM) torque curve
  • All non affected actuators are switched to the Large Valve Lift position.
  • Fault code entry without EPC or Check Engine lights due to no deterioration of Exhaust Emissions

Possible Causes

  • Wiring and/or connections (short circuit?)
  • Voltage supply failure to the Cam Adjustment Actuators
  • Faulty Engine Control Module
  • Worn or damaged Camshaft/Cam Element(s)

Possible Solutions

  • Check wiring and connections
  • Check for battery voltage at Cam Adjustment Actuators
  • Check Engine Control Module with [Output tests]
  • Repair/Replace worn or damaged Camshaft/Cam Element(s)

Special Notes