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P1888 - Coolant shut-off valve: Short circuit to B+

Possible Symptoms

  • Reduced heat output
  • Stalling, no-start, no communication to control module(s)

Possible Causes

  • Coolant shut-off valve (N82) faulty
  • Wiring or power supply to/from N82 faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check Coolant shut-off valve (N82)
  • Check for applicable recalls or TPIs related to N82 failure resulting in coolant migration thorough the N82 solenoid connector resting in destroyed wiring harness(es)

Special Notes


  • If coolant migration damaged the wiring harnesses you may find this DTC in conjunction with P2755 or P2753.


  • VW RoW market TPI 2043381 pertains to similar DTCs: P1889 and P19A2.
  • Although VW does not have a TPI or recall related to N82 failure for this DTC, the following photo is from a 2013 RoW market (5G / Mk7 / MQB) Golf with CHHB 2.0T which destroyed wiring harness and resulted in a no-start:

T14l T14M Terminal damage caused by N82 solenoid.jpg