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P246E Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 4 Bank 1: Electrical Malfunction

Possible Symptoms

  • Power Loss/Limp mode
  • MIL on
  • Glow Plug Light on
  • DPF Light on

Possible Causes

  • EGT sensor faulty
  • EGT wiring faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check EGT sensor and wiring.
  • Note, when found in RoW B8 chassis A4 (8K) models with Engine code CAGA which uses the UDS protocol:
    • The Advanced Measuring Values for EGT sensors may not be labeled correctly! Make sure to check [*ENG106430*] Exhaust gas temperature before particulate filter even though this is the last (4th) sensor.
    • Unplugging the suspect EGT sensor while re-checking the resulting fault codes and evaluating Advanced Measuring Values would be advised before replacing parts.