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P24D8 EVAP Pressure Sensor 2: Short to Plus

Possible Symptoms

  • MIL on

Possible Causes

  • EVAP Pressure Sensor (G950) faulty
  • EVAP Pressure Sensor (G950)

Possible Solutions

  • Check EVAP Pressure Sensor (G950) sensor and wiring.
  • Note, this fault text corresponds to what is shown in the factory scan tool but may be partially incorrect (we think it should be " Pressure Sensor" instead of "Pressure Sensor 2". For example, in a 2019 Audi A6 3.0T with the DLZA engine, there is only one EVAP pressure sensor, not two. Unplugging the sensor G950 will set this fault. Some V8 applications may have multiple sensors and it's unclear if this fault is used with those or something different exists.