Production Codes (PR-Codes) can be found on the Vehicle Data Label

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PR Codes are Production Codes for all of the installed equipment in the vehicle. This includes everything from the Powertrain details such as Engine and Transmission Codes to the color of the paint on the car. When configuring new modules using Coding or Adaptation it is essential to obtain this information.

Pr code sticker comments.jpg

The PR Codes can be found in one of two places on the vehicle:

  1. On the sticker near the Spare Tire Well on the floor of the vehicle.
  2. The duplicate of that sticker on the 1st Page of the Service/Maintenance Manual in the Owner's Manual.

When PR code labels are missing or damaged the alternatives are:

  1. Call the local dealer with the full VIN and they may be able to provide the needed information.
  2. Commercial users only can purchase a subscription to the appropriate erWin website for the vehicle brand and market:
  3. Purchase a subscription to the appropriate Partslink24 website for the vehicle brand and market as linked here.

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