Trailer Hitch Retrofitting (7L)

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Note: Some sections are marked with 7LA (pre-facelift) and 7L6 (facelift), please decide yourself which one you have.


CAN-Gateway (7L6 only)

[19 - CAN-Gateway]
[Coding - 07]
[Long Coding Helper]
Set Byte 03 Bit 1 = [69] Trailer active.
[Do It!]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

Trailer Control Module

NOTE: This part varies depending on the type of the trailer control module. There are 2 variants available, those which are diagnostic capable and those who are not.

Variant #1: Trailer Control Module (#69) NOT diagnostic capable

Nothing to do here, so leave it alone.

Variant #2: Trailer Control Module (#69) diagnostic capable

This control module requires a coding, see VAG-COM coding help or vehicle specific coding table for details.


If installed the following modules may need to be recoded/adapted.

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