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Important Note: This page is only relevant if you're using an older or 3rd-party "dumb" interface. All our current interfaces have the activation for VAG-COM stored in the interface itself.

5.3 Why has VAG-COM become De-Activated on its own?
There are a few conditions that can cause previously-registered installations of VAG-COM to become De-Activated:

  • Performing major systems maintenance like upgrading your operating system, swapping hardware or reformatting your hard drive will "kill" an activation. If you're going to do maintenance of this type, manually de-activate first -- see the previous question.
  • A problem with your system clock such as a dead CMOS battery, or manually setting the system clock backwards in an attempt to defeat the time limit on other shareware products. VAG-COM's Serial Number may change if it perceives that is has gone "back in time". A PC without a properly functioning system clock is considered defective.
  • The use of some "System Cleaning" utilities that root around in the Windows Registry can kill the activation.
  • If you're an existing registered user with a "dumb" interface, and you're upgrading an older version to 311 or 409, the new version will remain shareware until you request a new activation code. Existing registered users with dumb interfaces must complete this short form to request a new activation code. Requests submitted via e-mail or forms with incomplete information will be rejected and will delay your activation. Our Current Interfaces are not affected by this.

If your previously activated copy of VAG-COM becomes de-activated for some reason, don't panic. First establish that your Serial Number is stable (make note of the last 4 digits of the Serial Number, and close and restart VAG-COM and restart Windows a few times to ensure that the Serial Number remains constant). Then fill out the appropriate Registration Form to receive a new Activation Code.
Note: Your old activation code won't work!