VW Crafter (2E)

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VW Crafter (2E/2F)
Source: Volker Konopka Wikipedia.gif
Manufacturer: Daimler AG / Volkswagen AG
Chassis Code: 2E/2F
Platform: VN84X/LT3
Model Years: from 2006
Model Years (US): -
Predecessor: VW LT (2D)
Successor: None
Interface Hardware
DLC Location

The DLC is located in the Driver Footwell
near the Pedals behind a Cover.

Please Note that the VW Crafter (2E/2F) is based on the very similar Mercedes Sprinter; this means that diagnostics are more Mercedes-like and will be somewhat different that what you may be used to if you have experience with VW/Audi diagnostics. Specifically control module addresses and diagnostic functions supported by the control modules differ from normal VW/Audi models. Even though the Crafter does use CAN/UDS for diagnostics, it does not have a Gateway as found in VW/Audi models. Therefore you must select Crafter/LT3 (2E) in the Auto-Scan drop-down instead of using Auto Detect.

Since most of the control modules in a Crafter are Mercedes based, the part numbers shown via diagnostics may not match their part numbers in the Volkswagen Parts Catalog. At the present time VCDS has limited support for the control modules which are supplied by Mercedes; please refer to the Release Notes and Crafter/LT3 Functions page of our Interactive Manual for a list of supported functions. In most Crafters, 3 control modules (Engine, Immobilizer and Central Locking) use native Volkswagen diagnostic methods and these are fully supported.

General Information about this Model can be found in the Wikipedia entry.

[01/91] - Engine

Diesel Engines

[93] - Immobilizer

[94] - Airbags

[95] - Brake Electronics

[96] - Instrument Cluster

[97] - Trip Recorder

[99] - Ignition Switch

[9A] - Central Locking

[9B] - Driver Door

[9C] - Heating / Air Conditioning

[9E] - Auxiliary Heater (Electric)

[9F] - Stationary Heater (Water)

[A0] - Radio

[B1] - Upper/Roof Console

[B3] - Trailer Module

[B4] - Central Electronics

[B6] - Steering Wheel Electronics