VW Touareg (7L) Back-Up Camera

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  • Manufacturer
    • Volkswagen
    • Bentley
  • Market
    • Rest of World (RdW)
    • North American Region (NAR)
  • Trailer & Parking System
    • Tailer Hitch installed
    • Optical Parking System installed
  • Model
    • Bentley Continental (3W)
    • VW Passat (3C)
    • VW Passat CC (35)
    • VW Tiguan (5N)
    • VW Touareg (7L)
    • VW Transporter/Multivan (7E/7F)

Note: See VCDS for specific Coding Details.

Security Access

  • 22351 = Adaptation Enabling (e.g. Back-Up Camera Calibration)

Special Procedures

Back-Up Camera Calibration

After performing service work, the calibration has to be performed too. In detail this is the case after:

  • Removing and Installing Rear View Camera (R189)
  • Replacing Rear View Camera System Control Module (J772)
  • after repair work performed on rear lid following an accident
  • after a vehicle alignment
  • after performing a repair at front or rear axle


  • Calibration Device (VAS 6350) and Distance Laser (VAS 6350/2) positioned as described in the factory repair manual.
  • Vehicle must be standing on a firm and even surface.
  • Make sure no persons are being/working in/on the vehicle while performing the calibration.
  • Do not move the vehicle and do not operate the vehicle doors while performing the calibration.
  • Rear Lid must be closed.
  • Front Wheels straight, Steering Angle Sensor (G85) close to 0.0 °.
  • Ignition must be ON, Engine must NOT be running, you may connect a charger to keep the system voltage up.
  • Back-Up Camera active and the MMI shows Back-Up Camera Video Signal.
  • Make sure you do NOT have light reflections on the Calibration Device (VAS 6350).
  • For vehicles with Level Control, set the Hight to automatic.

[6C - Back-Up Camera]

[Security Access - 16]
Enter 22351, to enable the adaptation.

[Adaptation - 10]
Channel 005
500 mm is the basis value of channel 005. Measure the heights between the Calibration Device (VAS 6350) and the surface (e.g. 80 mm), add 500 mm to it and enter the final value as new value (e.g. 500 + 80 = 580 mm).
Channel 004
20000 mm is the basis value of channel 004, 2855 mm is the wheelbase (7L Touareg). Measure the Distance between the Calibration Device (VAS 6350) and the rear axle (e.g. 1500 mm), and subtract it from 20000 mm minus 2855 mm enter the final value as new value (e.g. 20000 - 2855 - 1500 = 15645 mm).

  • Note: If you were redirected to this page, please use the wheelbase in mm of the vehicle you are working with, 2855mm is for the 7L Touareg in the example above.
    • Tiguan 5N = 2601
    • Passat 3C = 2709
    • Passat 35/CC = 2710
    • Passat 36 = 2712
    • Sharan = 2920
    • Phaeton 3D = 2881 (Short), 3001 (long)
    • Bentley Continental GT = 2745
    • Bentley Continental Flying Spur = 3065
    • The VW Touareg (7P) is NOT supported at this time.

Channel 001
To save your above adaptation save a new value of 1 to channel 001.
[Done, Go Back]

Now double check the calibration status.
[Meas. Blocks - 08]
Block 130
Block 005 Field 3 (Calibration Status)
Specification: 0x0000 (Calibration Successful)
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]