VW Radio Navigation System (RNS510)

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Information for the latest RNS-510 units is available using the [Coding - 07] > Long Coding Helper found in VCDS .

Byte 00 Radio Configuration I
Bit 1 External CD Changer Connection active
Bit 3 Parking Aid Monitoring inactive (Standard)
Byte 01 Sound System Correction
00 Sound System not installed
01 Volkswagen Sound System
02 Skoda Sound System
05 Dynaudio Sound System
Byte 02 Speaker Channels
00 Sound System (active Speakers)
02 2 Speaker Channels (Front only)
04 4 Speaker Channels (Front and Rear)
Byte 03 Radio Configuration II
Bit 1 Microphone Diagnostics active (Japan/China only)
Byte 04 Treble Speaker Monitoring
01 Monitoring inactive
02 Front Monitoring active / Rear Monitoring inactive
04 Front and Rear Monitoring active
Byte 05 Vehicle Specific Frequency Response
00 Volkswagen/Skoda (all)
01 Seat Altea (5P)
02 Seat Leon (1P)
03 Seat Toledo (5P)
04 Seat Altea XL (5P)
Byte 06 Radio Configuration III
00 Standard/Not Relevant
Byte 07 Navigation System Configuration I
Bit 0 Multifunction Steering Wheel with Shortpress Buttons installed
Bit 1 Voice Control inactive (NOT Japan/China)
Bit 2 Speed Threshold for Destination Input active
Bit 3 Speed Threshold for Speech Destination Input active
Bit 4+5 Display Variant
Byte 08 Navigation System Configuration II
00 Standard/Not Relevant


Channel 050: Development Test Mode

Activating Development Test Mode should enable "Hidden Menu" options however a reboot may be needed before any coding or adaptation modifications take effect.