VW Touareg (7L) Seat Adjustment

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Channel 000: Reset

The Reset is being performed when one or more Motors are not operational OR one of the following Part has been replaced.

  • Motor(s) or Sensor(s) in the Seat
  • Motor(s) or Sensor(s) of the Seatbelt Adjustment
  • Motor(s) or Sensor(s) of the electrical adjustable Steering Column

  • Simply save Channel 000 to perform the Reset. After a successful Reset all Position Sensors should show a value of 30000.
  • To re-initialize the System move the Back Rest forward using the Buttons, until Measuring Value Block (MVB) 008.4 shows learned.

Channel 060: Easy Entry

  • 0 = Easy Entry inactive
  • 1 = Easy Entry active

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