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00792 - A/C Pressure Switch (F129)

Possible Symptoms

  • A/C System not working

Possible Causes

  • A/C System Malfunctions
    • Over or insufficiently charged
    • Refrigerant System blockage
    • Insufficient Air Flow to Condensor and/or Engine Radiator
  • Wiring to/from A/C Pressure Switch (F129) faulty
  • A/C Pressure Switch (F129) faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check A/C System for Malfunctions
  • Check Wiring to/from A/C Pressure Switch (F129)
  • Check A/C Pressure Switch (F129)

Special Notes

  • In some applications, the F129 will be refereed to as the High Pressure Sensor (G65) in the factory wiring diagram.