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03041 - Energy Management Active

Possible Symptoms

  • Shut-Off Stage active
  • Electric Systems disabled
    • Infotainment System disabled
    • Heating and/or Climate Control disabled
    • Interior Lights disabled
    • Window Regulators/Motors disabled
    • Seat Memory/Adjustment disabled
    • Auxiliary/Parking Heater disabled

Possible Causes

  • Battery discharged/faulty
  • Quiescent Current

Possible Solutions

  • Check/Replace Battery
  • Check for Quiescent Current Problems
    • Perform (Quick) Quiescent Current Analysis

Special Notes

  • This Fault Code is changed from static to intermittent once the Engine is started. It doesn't necessarily reflect a bad Component (the Control Module it's stored in) but rather points to an underlying Issue and merely documents a Symptom.