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03246 - Sensor for Canopy Flap; Left (G596)

Special Notes

  • If the Convertible Top Flap Sensor G596 has been replace, then the Output Test Top Flap Initialization is required.
  • When found on the Audi TT (8J) Roadster, please see:
    • TPI 2018624 for RoW (Rest of World) vehicles
    • TSB 61-09-02 or 2018777 for NAR (North American Region) vehicles.
      • The bulletins references improved flap motor(s), checking measuring block group 008 and adapting the new flap motors. The faults associated with the bulletins include: 02000, 03246, and 03247.
  • When found on Audi vehicles, TPI 2018777 may apply.