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16471/P0087/000135 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure: Too Low

Possible Symptoms

  • Power Loss

Possible Causes

  • Fuel Pressure too Low
  • Mechanical Deficiency of Hardware (worn or missing parts)

Possible Solutions

  • Check Measuring Values for Fuel Pressure
    • Check for bent/squeezed Fuel Lines
    • Check Low Fuel Pressure System for Leaks
    • Check Fuel Filter & Filter in Fuel Pump
    • Check the Fuel Quantity supplied by the Fuel Pump
    • Check for fuel pressure loss from leaking fuel injector
  • Visual Inspection of Hardware (Camshaft, Cam Follower, ect)

Special Notes

  • When found in 2.0l TFSI:
  • When found on 2009 Audi 3.2 FSI AVS Engines, if DTC 000022/P0016 is flagged, please see TSB 15-09-04.
  • When found in any model with a Gasoline engine that has a faulty in-tank fuel pump make sure the brand new or revised fuel pump does not require a cap per the dealer parts catalog! Failure to install a cap (such as part number example: 8E0-201-263-G) when necessary may result in a serious safety concern!
  • When found in 2006 to 2021 3.6L Audi/Volkswagen engines with engine codes [BLV, BHK, CDVB, CNNA, CGRA, CDVC,] please see the Volkswagen Technical Tip [01-20-50](2060799) https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2022/MC-10222093-0001.pdf
    • Fuel Rail pressure is excessively high
    • Check Camshaft adaptations, must not exceed [-8.0 to +8.0]
      • Non-UDS (2006~2011) vehicles use Measuring Value Block group 208 and 209, field 3
      • UDS (2011 and newer) vehicles use Advanced Measuring Values, IDE00182 and IDE00184
    • Fault codes P053F, P0088 and/or P1025 may be present due to the High Pressure Fuel Pump being out of time.
  • NAR (North American Market)
    • Audi
    • VW
      • When found in Common Rail TDI engines, please see TSB 01-10-11 (TPI 2023624) for Contaminated fuel found in fuel system concerns.
  • RoW (Rest of World) market
    • Audi
      • When found in Common Rail TDI 4 Cylinder Bosch engines, please see TPI 2026879 for Contaminated fuel found in fuel system concerns.
      • When found in Audi Common Rail V6, V8 and V12 TDI engines, please see TPI 2020693 for Contaminated fuel found in fuel system concerns. After mechanical all repairs are made N276 may need to be adapted and the EDC may need to be flash updated on the Audi Dealer level. When a dealer level update applies one of the following SVM codes may be helpful; 01A036, 01A043 or 01A069.
        • If you are having difficulty determining which V6 or greater N276/N290 procedure applies registered users can contact us directly via email. Inquiries must include the full Auto-Scan with VIN as well as which parts have been replaced and why.
  • Removing N290 Fuel Metering Valve for inspection:
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