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16716/P0332 - Knock Sensor 2 (G66): Signal Too Low

Possible Symptoms

  • Irregular rpm
  • Drivability problems
  • Loss of power
  • Engine damage

Possible Causes

  • Circuit G66 short to Ground
  • Circuit G66 open
  • G66 improperly torqued
  • G66 damaged
  • Control Module damaged

Possible Solutions

  • Torque Knock Sensor 2 (G66) to specifications
  • Check wiring and connections
  • Check Knock Sensor 2 (G66) and Knock Control

Special Notes

  • The Knock sensor (piezoelectric sensor) is used to detect abnormal combustion events. Voltage (typically 0-5mV) is generated when the Knock sensor ‘hears/feels’ a range of vibrations. If the voltage is not as expected or is out of range this DTC is usually set.