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16839/P0455/001109 - EVAP System: Large Leak Detected

Possible Causes

  • Gas Cap loose/missing
  • EVAP System Leaking

Possible Solutions

  • Check Gas Cap
  • Check EVAP System
  • Check to make sure EVAP purge valve is not installed backwards

Special Notes

  • When found in any model with a Gasoline engine that had a replacement in-tank fuel pump installed make sure the brand new or revised fuel pump does not require a cap per the dealer parts catalog! Failure to install a cap (such as part number example: 8E0-201-263-G) when necessary may result in a serious safety concern!
  • For the 2013-2019 Jetta 1.4 engine that has one or more of the following fault codes, please see Tech Tip 01-19-06 (2056714/1) for info on N80 Purge Valve testing