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17090/P0706/001798 - Transmission Range Sensor (F125): Implausible Signal

Possible Symptoms

  • No Reverse Lights
  • Engine will not start (In 01J-CVT if Hall sensor 'D' fails)
  • Incorrect gear selection
  • PRNDL display may be flashing

Possible Causes

  • Gear selector cable incorrectly adjusted
  • F125-Transmission Range Sensor faulty
  • Wiring or connection concerns
  • In 01J-CVT Transmissions - Hall sensor or magnets concerns (there are four)

Possible Solutions

  • Adjust gear selector cable
    • Check Transmission Measuring Value Blocks
  • Replace faulty F125-Transmission Range Sensor
  • Repair/replace wiring or connection concerns
  • In 01J-CVT Transmissions
    • Check Transmission Measuring Value Block Group - 002
    • Check Selector Shaft for magnet(s) damage
    • Replace faulty J217-Transmission Controller (F125 is part of the J217)