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17090/P0706/001798 - Transmission Range Sensor (F125): Implausible Signal

Possible Symptoms

  • No Reverse Lights
  • Engine will not start
  • Incorrect Gear Selection
  • Gear Indicator Display (PRNDL) may be flashing

Possible Causes

  • Gear Selector Cable incorrectly adjusted
  • Transmission Range Sensor (F125) faulty
  • Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Transmission Range Sensor (F125) faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Adjust Gear Selector Cable
    • Check Measuring Value Blocks (MVB)
  • Check/Replace Transmission Range Sensor (F125)
  • Check/Repair/Replace Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Transmission Range Sensor (F125)

Special Notes

  • When found in 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (01J/Multitronic), the Transmission Range Sensor (F125) is part of the Transmission Control Module (J217)!
    • Check Measuring Value Block (MVB) 002 for Plausibility
    • Check all four Hall Sensor(s) / Magnets
    • Check Selector Shaft Magnet(s) for Damage
    • Check/Replace Transmission Control Module (J217)