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* Perform Throttle Body Adaptation
* Perform Throttle Body Adaptation
==== Special Notes ====
* 2006-2009 VW with 2.0T engines, please see TB 01-16-12 or TPI 2018652 for possible wiring harness update.
** https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/MC-10106512-9340.pdf
[[Category:Fault Codes]]
[[Category:Fault Codes]]

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17967/P1559/005465 - Throttle Body (J338): Fault in Basic Settings

Possible Symptoms

  • Not known

Possible Causes

  • Idle Switch Open or Open Circuit
  • Throttle Valve sticks and won't close
  • Speed Impuls from Engine Speed Sensor (G28) recognized

Possible Solutions

  • Perform Throttle Body Adaptation