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18104/P1696/005782 - Powertrain Data Bus: Implausible Message from Steering Column Controller

Possible Causes

  • Steering Column Control Module may have stored a Fault Code
  • Steering Column Stalk/Lever faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check Steering Column Control Module for Fault Codes
  • Check/Replace Steering Column Stalk/Lever

Special Notes

  • Ask Customer if he has experienced problems (i.e. Cruise Control sporadically not working)
  • When found in VW Golf (1K) (or similar):
    • Check/replace Cruise Control Stalk/Lever (see TPI 2010405).
    • Perform Steering Column Control Module Software Optimization (see TPI 2017317)
  • When found in Audi A6 (4F), check Engine Control Module for Software Updates (see TPI 2015237).
  • When found in VW Beetle (1C/1Y) with 2.5L engine:
    • These cars do not have a Steering Column Controller.
    • Cruise Control Switch is wired directly to ECM, check this switch in MVB 066.