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18436/P2004/008196 - Intake Manifold Flap; Bank 1: Stuck Open

Possible Causes

  • Vacuum leak
  • Faulty Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor1 (G336)
  • Intake Manifold Runner binding or sticking

Possible Solutions

  • Replaced failed vacuum line
  • Check Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor 1 (G336) and wiring, see repair manual
  • Check Intake Manifold Flap
    • Use Output Test
    • Perform Basic Setting (Switch Ignition OFF between Output Test and Basic Setting)

Special Notes

  • When found in Engine: 2.0l TFSI
    • Perform Basic Setting.
    • Check TPL 2016420 (RoW)
      • Check Engine Control Module Software Version, if necessary perform Update.
      • Replace Intake Manifold Runner (V157) with updated part.