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009305/P2459 - Diesel Particulate Filer: Regeneration Frequency

Possible Symptoms

  • MIL on

Possible Causes

  • Heavy loads on engine (towing)
  • Short trips in cold weather
  • Faulty Exhaust Pressure Sensors (G450/G451)

Possible Solutions

  • Change driving habits.
  • Inspect Exhaust Pressure Sensors (G450/G451) as per factory repair manual.

Special Notes

  • Depending on driving habits, soot can build up quickly in the DPF, thus requiring more frequent regenerations than normal.
  • With CBEA and CJAA engines, the factory documentation may show the wrong part location for the Exhaust Pressure Sensor 1 (G450). This sensor is in a foil pouch just behind the oil cap.