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P2568 - Sensor for Ozone Reducing Radiator Identification: Implausible Signal

Possible Causes

  • Incorrect/wrong ID from the G611-Radiator Identification Sensor
  • Possible tapering or attempting to bypass the PremAir® system

Possible Solutions

  • Verify installation of G611-Radiator Identification Sensor on radiator.
    • Sensor can not be removed, doing so will cause intentional sensor damage.

Special Notes

  • The G611 communicates to the ECM via LIN-Bus, the sensor's unique ID (encrypted) and temperature.
    • There are no Measuring Value Block for this information.
  • Currently, the G611-Radiator Identification Sensor is not available separately, it comes with a new radiator when ordered from the vehicle's manufacture. The sensor will need to be attached to the radiator with AMV-195-KD1-01 adhesive, See Volkswagen Tech Tip 19-12-01 for more information.