6-Speed Automatic Transmission (01J/Multitronic)

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To Code this transmission, make sure Ignition is ON, but Engine is NOT running.
When replacing this module use the coding from the original unit or the repair manual coding charts.


Special Procedures

Defined Test Drive


  • Ignition ON and Engine ON.
  • No Fault Codes stored.
  • Transmission Oil Temperature must be between 60 °C and 90 °C.
    • If the procedure does not succeed in the first try, make sure the temperature is above 80 °C.
  • All driving and braking has to be done in partial load, avoid full throttle/braking!
  • Normally the adaptation needs to be carried out when:
    • Transmission Control Module has been recoded
    • Input Shaft has been replaced
    • Hydraulic Unit has been replaced
    • Transmission Control Module has been replaced
    • Transmission has been replaced

[02 - Transmission]
[Adaptation - 10]
Channel 00
[Done, Go Back]
[Measuring Blocks - 08]
Block 010 (in 1st Row)
Block 011 (in 2nd Row)
Check fields 2, specification is ADP OK.

  • Move the selector lever in position D and drive with partial load 20 m / 70 ft forward, then brake to standstill.
  • Hold the brake for 10 seconds.
  • Move the selector lever in position R and drive with partial load 20 m / 70 ft reverse, then brake to standstill.
  • Hold the brake for 10 seconds.

The procedure needs to be repeated at least 5 times and can be repeated up to 10 times until the measuring values show ADP OK.
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]


  • Run and save a complete Auto-Scan and save it prior to module removal. See the Online Manual Auto-Scan.
  • Code the module with the Coding from the original module found in the Auto-Scan.
  • Complete the Adaptation as shown above followed by the Defined Test Drive.

Note: The (4F) chassis Audi A6 uses Component Protection and will result in the 18109/P1701- Transmission Control Unit: Locked fault after module replacement. The transmission will have limited functions prior to the dealer SVM process required for unlocking Component Protection

Special Notes

  • The CVT TCM must be ordered by VIN due to the specific programming related to the engine configuration, market/country configuration and 6 or 7 plate clutch system. The Component field will display some of the mentioned information when scanning it with VCDS. Installing the incorrect TCM will have undesirable results.
  • If the Adaptation values are not stored to the TCM in the NAR (North American Region) Audi A4, A4 Cabrio and A6 models ranging from 2002 through 2008 see TSB: 37-08-20 (2015849). This TSB explains some of the conditions that may cause an unsuccessful adaptation drive.